Wasatch Academy


As Utah's only traditional college preparatory boarding school, Wasatch Academy serves more than 200 students from 22 countries.

Joseph Loftin, Wasatch Academy’s Head of School, notes, "Few schools can match the ability of the Wasatch Academy faculty and staff in addressing the academic needs of each student. Through demonstrating deep respect for the unique capabilities and talents of their students both in and out of the classroom, our teachers, dorm parents, and administrators create an environment that prepares our students for healthy and productive lives. Wasatch Academy’s collaboration with All Kinds of Minds is an integral factor in our ability to identify and appreciate each student’s unique learning profile."

Wasatch Academy has worked with All Kinds of Minds since 2003. Today all Wasatch full-time teachers and dorm parents are required to participate in a Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds course to develop their expertise in understanding learning variations. As a result, more than 70 educators at Wasatch Academy are skilled at integrating the latest research on how students learn into their classroom instruction. Three Wasatch educators serve on All Kinds of Minds’ national faculty, teaching these programs to other educators around the country.

Wasatch Academy has used the work of All Kinds of Minds to create a shared vision about learning and learners. The faculty has created a database of learning profiles—built around All Kinds of Minds’ Attuning a Student online tool—that contains specific information about each student’s learning profile, along with personalized teaching suggestions. This deep look at students supports the ongoing faculty commitment to ensuring that each student finds a successful academic path.

"Using the professional development programs offered by All Kinds of Minds, Wasatch Academy is able to teach learners how to learn, to value their gifts, and use them to overcome academic challenges. All Kinds of Minds’ commitment to research-driven educational innovations is nothing short of revolutionary," says Max Roach, Director of Wasatch Academy’s Schools Attuned Program. “Our new Learning Strategies student course, based upon All Kinds of Minds’ approach, helps students become more successful learners by understanding their learning profiles from a neurodevelopmental perspective."